Sadhana Yoga Course

Learn Sadhana Yoga from the Experts-
Rishikesh Yogalaya

Are you planning to start your career as a Yoga teacher? Do you wish to learn Sadhana yoga for training people in the future? Rishikesh Yogalaya is a known Yoga Institute where you can get training under experts that will help you to start a promising career in Yoga sciences.

Yoga has various dimensions, depending on which training you want to take, you can get the guidance of an expert as per that. Sadhana Yoga is for the purpose of extending the limits of your mental capabilities, this is what will also help in strengthening your stamina and increase your self- confidence as well.

This is a two-week intensive training that is open for the graduates of Rishikesh Yogalaya. The training involves hatha yoga for eight hours every day along with intensive and long pranayama, this is based on the individual self-practice as well.

In this training, you have to introspect deeply and dwell into the practice of hatha yoga. As the name says, sadhana intensive means in-depth knowledge of hatha yoga, there is a study of classical scriptures that happen in this training. There is a lot of intensive practice that is required in this training, this is why it necessary to get trained under the right professionals who have good years of knowledge in this Yoga practice.

We offer the sadhana yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh that can make you understand all the aspects of Hatha Yoga. This is an opportunity that will prove a help in heightening the level of consciousness which will result in increased joy, energy, lightness of your being, contentment, and humility.

There is a high level of discipline that is required for the purpose of doing this course, you will get the guidance from the expert teachers that will help you in going through this Yoga training in an efficient way. This training is also beneficial for the purpose of increasing your level consciousness, improving your memory

What all the rules you need to follow for completing this course?

  •  You have to stay in the premises of ashram for 2 weeks till the training goes on.
  •   There are no free days that are provided during the course.
  •   There is a high level of self-discipline that you have to follow
  •   No access to email or phone
  •   You have to be on a sattvic diet. (No tea, sugar, salt, and spices)

There are many students that opt for this training course many times as this is what helps them learn the practice of Sadhana in a better way.

Why Rishkesh Yogalaya is the best place for getting this training?

  •  We are located in the lap of nature. The environment is something that is essential for helping you to get trained in Sadhana Yoga in a better way.
  •   We have expert teachers working with us that can train you in an efficient manner. You can easily start a promising career by taking the guidance of our teachers.

Daily Schedule

    5.00 Am
    6.00 Am
    6.30 Am
    08:15 AM
    9:00 AM
    10:00 PM
    11:10 AM
    12:15 PM
  • LUNCH :
    01:15 PM
    03:00 PM
    04:30 PM
    06:15 PM
  • Dinner :
    7:30 PM
  • Light Off :
    9:00 PM
SadhanaYoga Course 2019
  • Sadhana Yoga ----13 Jul To 22 Jul 2019-----Fee--600 USD
  • Sadhana Yoga ----13 Aug To 22 Aug 2019-----Fee--600 USD
  • Sadhana Yoga ----13 Sep To 22 Sep 2019-----Fee--600 USD
  • Sadhana Yoga ----13 Oct To 22 Oct 2019-----Fee--600 USD
  • Sadhana Yoga ----13 Nov To 22 Nov 2019-----Fee--600 USD
  • Sadhana Yoga ----13 Dec To 22 Dec 2019-----Fee--600 USD
  • Sadhana Yoga ----13 Jan To 22 Jan 2020-----Fee--600 USD