Our Teachers

Yogi Sanjay

Yogi Sanjay Ji

Yogi Sanjay Ji is Founder of Rishikesh Yogalaya and sharing his knowledge as a Pranayama & Meditation teacher which help the teacher training student to develop their breathing skills. Yogi Sanjay Ji is full of energy and knowledge, which helps him to motivate students so that they can focus deeply in yoga in their regular life, and can improve their inner strength and determination.

Yogi Praladh

Yogi Praladh Singh

Yogi Parladh ji is Asana yoga teacher at Rishikesh Yogalaya. He is completely stablished in hatha yoga. Parladh ji’s teaching style is completely different than others, he teaches with full of love, respect as well as unders tanding that each of us needed. These qualities make him a good yoga teacher. Parladh ji born & brought up in Rishikesh, learnt yoga in Rishikesh with many great masters.

Yogi Mayank

Yogi Mayank

Mayank Uniyal is an energetic, passionate and energetic yoga teacher. He has 5+ yr teaching experience and his aim is to transfer right knowledge.Mayank is a master degree holder in yogic science, diploma in naturopathy and completed 200 YTTC.He is serving as Yoga Anatomy Guru at Rishikesh Yogalaya.

Dr. Rohit Chobe ji

Dr. Rohit Chobe

Dr. Rohit Chobe is highly educated. He holds Ph.D in Yog Science. Through his scientific yoga teaching,he sparks people to raise self-enquiry for inner awakening. He teaches about authentic yoga culture for holistic development, helping people to live a meaningful and balanced life.